NZ Taxpayers Union: Airport’s Uber deal leaves no excuses for public servants

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31-Aug-2017 The Taxpayers’ Union is welcoming the deal made between Uber and Wellington Airport, allowing Uber to pick up and drop off passengers from the terminal doors, and says that there are now no excuses for public servants to neglect the ride-sharing app.

Researcher Matthew Rhodes says, “It’s about time a deal was struck to allow Uber to operate within the airport, and Auckland and Christchurch should follow suit. But now there are absolutely no excuses for public servants to use taxis over Uber.”

“At least six tier-one government departments operate a policy banning their staff from using ride-sharing apps, despite its obvious safety and cost benefits. Now that public servants can be picked up and dropped off from within the Wellington Airport terminal, and the government has regulated ride-sharing apps, those departments need to scrap their Uber ban.”

“Public servants have an obligation to be using the most cost-effective and efficient means of transport where it is fit for purpose. Taking corporate cabs over cheap and efficient ride-sharing apps neglects the interests of taxpayers.”