Minister for Urban Infrastructure The Hon Paul Fletcher MP: Western Sydney Airport to deliver jobs f

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Western Sydney Airport to deliver jobs for locals

Western Sydney Airport will be a major jobs generator—during the construction phase and even more so once it commences operations.

It will be a game-changer for people in Western Sydney seeking employment opportunities locally.

To maximise these opportunities, WSA Co, the government-owned company that will build and own Western Sydney Airport, will formally commit to strong local employment targets.

From 2026 when the airport is fully operational, WSA Co will have a target that 50 per cent of employees will be residents of Western Sydney.

There will be a separate target that 30 per cent of workers are residents of Western Sydney during the construction phase. This is significantly higher than the typical 20 per cent target set on comparable projects presently underway in Sydney.

Currently 30 per cent of Western Sydney workers leave the region each day for work—more jobs closer to home will improve liveability for these residents.

These workforce targets are designed to ensure that Western Sydney Airport will deliver substantial employment opportunities for the people of Western Sydney—not just over the construction phase but for many decades into the future as the airport commences operation and continues to grow.

They form part of a comprehensive package of employment targets for Western Sydney Airport which include:

  • Indigenous workers to make up 2.4 per cent of the total workforce on the construction of the airport.
  • 3 per cent of all contracts during the construction of the airport to be with Indigenous firms.
  • 20 per cent of the workforce to be made up of learning workers, including apprentices and trainees.

WSA Co will be required to report annually against these targets from 2021. These reports will be made public.

With an extra one million people expected to live in Western Sydney by 2031, the Turnbull Government is committed to delivering the infrastructure needed to make a growing Western Sydney work for residents, and an even better place to live and do business.

That's why we're investing $5.3 billion to build Western Sydney Airport—a project that will transform the region and be a catalyst for economic growth for decades to come—and billions more in roads.

In addition, the Turnbull and Berejiklian Governments have committed to building the first stage of the North South rail line with a joint objective of having rail connected to the airport in time for the opening of the airport.

The Turnbull Government is planning for the future of Western Sydney.

This press release was sourced from Minister for Urban Infrastructure The Hon Paul Fletcher MP on 08-Mar-2018.