Minister for Infrastructure and Transport: Key Portfolio Agency Appointments

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07-Sep-2017 Key Portfolio Agency Appointments

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester today announced a number of appointments to provide support and stability to the operations of two key portfolio agencies.

Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said the appointment of John Weber as Deputy Chair of Airservices Australia, for a three-year period, would bring a wealth of governance, government agency and legal experience to the role.

“In addition, Dr Marlene Kanga has been appointed for a three-year term and Ms Samantha Betzien has been reappointed for a further two years,” Mr Chester said.

“Dr Kanga brings strong infrastructure, engineering innovation and governance experience to the board, while Ms Betzien's re-appointment will retain safety, risk management, and legal experience on the board.”

Airservices Australia is responsible for the delivery of civil air traffic and aviation rescue and fire fighting services through a national network of facilities around Australia.

The Government has also re-appointed Noel Hart as a Commissioner of the ATSB for a further two years.

“Mr Hart's extensive international and domestic maritime experience continues to be highly valuable to the activities of the commission, and complements the aviation and rail experience of the other two part-time commissioners,” Mr Chester said.

“I will be looking to the commission to continue to provide strong leadership to the ATSB as it performs the vital role as Australia's national transport safety investigator.”