Machine learning is already flying high with airlines around the world

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Machine learning is already flying high with airlines around the world

There’s so much hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and some of it is fantasy. But there’s no doubt that AI is pushing the limits of what a computer can do way beyond our expectations. And we’re helping airlines realize the benefits of this amazing technology right now.

Hundreds of millions of passengers travel every year with a ticket that was priced and optimized by our systems. This requires anticipating the future demand of every flight. To do so, our systems make more than one billion predictions every day. Soon, we’ll have over one million machine learning models in production, with some making an astounding two million evaluations per second.

My team is working to support the integration of AI, specifically machine learning technology, to help supercharge the Amadeus Airline Platform and other solutions. We are working tirelessly to incorporate machine learning into everything we do so airlines can reap the benefits.

Putting machine learning to work for airlines

Our solutions use machine learning to give airlines intelligent business advice. Need to accurately forecast demand on a specific route at a specific time of day and year? We’ve developed a host of advanced revenue management tools that do exactly this. SAS has already achieved great results with our revenue management technology and the backbone of this success is our market leading machine learning capabilities.

And we’re only just getting started. From flight management and merchandising to scheduling and digital experience – AI backed machine learning is changing the airline industry at a pace that’s limited only by our imaginations.

Fostering the best minds in data science

The capabilities of machine learning are directly tied to the data scientists behind them and I’m lucky to work with a very talented team of PhD candidates. These budding data scientists are researching some of the subjects that will deliver business value to our airline partners soon.
They are developing machine learning answers to questions like how can we optimize aircraft load and balance? How can we help airline revenue accounting managers be more efficient? What price should airlines display to certain segments of travelers? How can airlines take advantage of reinforcement learning to optimize revenues? We are well on our way to developing machine learning backed answers to these questions.

Commitment to continue leading in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Amadeus is all in when it comes to investing in machine learning and the necessary cloud-based infrastructure to better understand high-volume, high-throughput, massively distributed data for commercial air travel. We consistently rank at the top of the EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard for the travel and tourism industry. And we’re looking ahead to the future of machine learning. We’re pursuing exciting new developments like deep learning, personalized algorithms, and the prediction of flight disruptions, all of which will play a big part of the future of the Amadeus Airline Platform.

We’re on our way to industrializing AI and machine learning technology for airlines and the travel industry. So, stay tuned to this blog as we dive deeper into the world of data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for airlines.

Source: Amadeus blog

Author: Michael Defoin-Platel, Head of Machine Learning Services, Airlines R&D, Amadeus

This press release was sourced from Amadeus on 11-Oct-2019.