Local CEO appointed to deliver $5.3 billion Western Sydney Airport

24-Feb-2018 WSA Co Chairman, Paul O'Sullivan, today announced the appointment of Graham Millett to the position of Chief Executive Officer of the recently established company charged with delivering Western Sydney Airport.

“This is a significant appointment for WSA Co and following an extensive global search, we are pleased to have an experienced senior executive with 20 years in the aviation sector leading the team that will deliver this iconic and city-changing development,” Mr O'Sullivan said.

“Graham has had extensive experience in the procurement, property and fleet management portfolios for Qantas, and he also brings a wealth of experience from his time at nbn co during which he delivered more than $500 million worth of property and infrastructure development.

This is a complex project in that it involves the delivery of a multi-billion-dollar infrastructure project and the creation of a world-class, full-service, international airport.

“We have an exceptional executive team in place with a broad range of expertise across the aviation, infrastructure, technology and retail sectors and we have a shared vision of connecting Western Sydney with the world,” he said.

Mr Millett acknowledged the size of the task ahead of WSA Co and said he was filled with pride to be contributing to a project that would transform Western Sydney.

Western Sydney Airport will be the catalyst for turning Greater Western Sydney into Australia's major centre of economic growth and job creation and the home to Australia's premier, full-service international airport,” Mr Millett said.

“I see Western Sydney Airport as the future of aviation in Australia. Without WSA, Sydney would not be able to meet future aviation demand. By 2060, the impact to the Australian economy could total $34 billion in foregone gross domestic product and NSW alone could forego $17.5 billion in gross state product.

It's the most significant infrastructure project in New South Wales for many decades and will bring real benefits closer to home for Western Sydney residents.”

“Growing up in Western Sydney I could not have envisaged that I would one day have such a unique opportunity and it fills me with pride to lead such a high-calibre team delivering this incredible legacy project,” he said.

Western Sydney Airport will support more than 11,000 jobs during construction and around 28,000 jobs in the first 5 years of operation—welcome news for the one in 10 Australians who now call Western Sydney home.

Mr O'Sullivan said it is clear that Sydney will need a new domestic and international airport to meet Sydney's future aviation needs.

“We see tremendous opportunity for Western Sydney to become one of Australia's leading destinations for both domestic and international visitors,” he said.

This article was written on 04-Mar-2018.