Helsinki Airport is growing under one roof

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The expansion of Finland’s biggest airport follows the one roof principle: all new premises will be located in the same, expanding building. This ensures that services are easily accessible and passengers’ transfer times are kept short.

Helsinki Airport is a popular transfer airport, and one of its strengths is short transfer times. “We can continue to provide smooth flight transfers. As we invest in new departure gates and extra capacity for luggage handling, we can keep our transfer times short”, says Finavia’s Technical Director Henri Hansson.
The goal of the current Helsinki Airport Development Programme has been to design premises that can be used flexibly until the late 2030s.

“Customer experience is a key design principle for Finavia. It is important to have well designed spaces that are easy to orientate and have the right proportions, for example,” says Hansson.

This press release was sourced from Finavia on 03-Sep-2019.