Fiji Statistics: Seasonally Adjusted Visitor Arrivals - June 2018

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Seasonal adjustment is a statistical method used to remove the combined seasonal and calendar effects on time series data such as visitor arrivals. It derives seasonally adjusted and trend series data that reveal underlying changes and allows the measurement of short and long term patterns of growth and decline (refer to the explanatory notes for a detailed explanation).

  • Trend estimates: Total Visitor Arrivals during June 2018 (70,083) declined by 1%, compared with May 2018 (70,777). This followed monthly declines of 0.9% in both April and May 2018 respectively. The current trend estimate for arrivals is 1.7% higher than in June 2017.
  • Seasonally adjusted estimates: During June 2018, Total Visitor Arrivals to Fiji (70,411) decreased by 0.8% compared with May 2018 (70,987). This followed a monthly decrease of 5.3% in April 2018 and an increase of 1.9% in May 2018.
  • Original estimates: The Total Visitor Arrivals to Fiji in June 2018 was 81,653.

For breaks in trend and outliers (see Explanatory notes, subheading 7&8)

For more information, the following can be referred to:

  • Table 1: Original and Seasonally Adjusted Visitor Arrivals- Number by Country of Residence
  • Table 2: Seasonally Adjusted and Trend Series of Visitor Arrivals: Number by Country of Residence
  • Appendix 1: Explanatory Notes

In using the seasonally adjusted series, care should be exercised because of the difficulties associated with reliably estimating the seasonal pattern.

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This press release was sourced from Fiji Statistics on 31-Jul-2018.