Dortmund airport selects Kiwi.com as a self-connect service provider

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Dortmund airport selects Kiwi.com as a self-connect service provider 

Dortmund Airport may not be a classic ‘hub’ airport with an airline base, but there are always passengers who travel through Dortmund changing trains and taking connecting flights. From this month, traveling through Dortmund Airport has become even easier and more convenient because the Ruhr area airport is now an official partner of Kiwi.com with a fully operating Smart Pass transfer service*. 

Online travel-tech company Kiwi.com connects more than 800 carriers and covers more than 95% of travel content worldwide. The vast database of direct and virtually-interlined flights allows passengers traveling through Dortmund to create unique itineraries and get from any A to any B, worldwide, and easily transfer through Dortmund Airport using the Fast Lane.

Passengers who book their trip on Kiwi.com and transfer at Dortmund Airport receive special additional services with their reservation. Firstly, the on-line booking platform offers passengers a guarantee for the selected connection. In addition, passengers can use the Fast Lane in front of the security checkpoint in Dortmund Airport. This reduces the required transfer time and thus increases the number of possible connections. 

Patrick Zeuner, Head of Airport Partnerships said, “We’re glad to see that more and more airports, including Dortmund Airport, recognise the increasing number of travellers that prefer self-connecting itineraries as they bring them more choice. Our Smart Pass service helps those travelers by providing an efficient connection service, and helps the airports to get back to pre-pandemic numbers through growth in passenger traffic.”

"The main advantage for our passengers is that Kiwi.com combines different airlines into one itinerary, through Dortmund, and it can be booked in just one step. Then at Dortmund Airport the passengers can profit from effective connections and short distances. That works nicely together," added Guido Miletic, General Manager Airport-Services, Marketing & Sales at Dortmund Airport.

This press release was sourced from Kiwi.com on 14-Sep-2021.