Corporate Travel Management: It’s Official … CTM Receives Fairfare Trophy

Direct News Source

21-Dec-2017 Corporate Travel Management (CTM) has received official acknowledgement of becoming the first travel management company to receive an accreditation for transparent airfare pricing. The leading travel management company was awarded the certification from independent airfare audit specialist Airocheck.

The certification is based on a rigorous audit process, which is conducted using data directly from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). It demonstrates the agency has been audited by an independent third party and does not systematically apply mark-ups. The audit examines a range of factors including ticket numbers, booking dates, travel dates, origins and destinations, booking locations, taxes and fare breakdowns.

Airocheck co-founder, Tony O’Connor, and Airline Metrics CEO Sanjay Shenoy jointly presented a trophy to recognise CTM’s Fairfare certification at the company’s Sydney office on Wednesday 20 December 2017.

Upon receiving the award, CTM CEO, Laura Ruffles thanked both Mr O’Connor and Mr Shenoy for their experience and insight in creating the optional scheme for travel agencies. “At CTM we are proud to be part of this pioneering process as it reaffirms our value proposition commitment to providing a return on investment for customers,” Ms Ruffles said.

Mr O’Connor highlighted CTM’s willingness to embrace the approach required to transparently deal with airline fares. “Through intensive and significant auditing of nearly 500,000 transactions, CTM has proven they are delivering fares without any mark-ups to customers,” he said.

Mr Shenoy added: “At Airline Metrics we have a history of working with airlines and major corporations to ensure they are managing their costs accurately. To transform this into an agency best practice accreditation is a natural step for us and we are very pleased CTM could see the opportunity as well.”

The CTM team was delighted to receive the award that reaffirms the company’s commitment to be first to market with industry leading practices, technology and partnerships.