CASA: eLearning catalogue

Jul-2017 We have a series of eLearning modules about vital aviation safety topics that you can access using our safety learning platform - AviationWorx.

You will need to create an account if you are a first time user. You can find instruction’s on the AviationWorx page.

Each module will take between 10-15 minutes. You can exit or re-enter partially completed modules at any time.

eLearning modules

Remotely piloted aircraft

The remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) module is aimed at all operators wanting to fly an RPA (drone) recreationally or commercially in Australia. Whether you are flying for fun or for business and research purposes, this module will help you understand which safety rules to follow and guide you through the various weight categories of RPA.

Ageing aircraft

The ageing aircraft module is aimed at registered operators and owners. This module will help will you understand how to identify issues surrounding the safe operation and management of ageing aircraft.

Human factors in sport, recreation and general aviation

These modules aim to help you understand the role of human behaviour in flying safely.

  • Module 1: Introduction to human factors in sport, recreation and general aviation
  • Module 2: Information processing—the human factor
  • Module 3: Are you fit to fly? Age, stress, fatigue and drugs
  • Module 4: What’s really going on? Situational awareness and decision making

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Regulations

The PBN Regulations eLearning module doesn’t replace the formal training pilots need to have, but it provides a useful overview of the requirements of their on-board navigation equipment and the navigation specifications that must be included in their flight plans. It is important for pilots to complete the flight plan correctly as air traffic control clearances are provided consistent with these capabilities.

Pilot examination office

There are three eLearning modules about the pilot examination office (PEXO). They include some exercises and a simple test at the end. You can access these using the AviationWorx system.

  • Invigilator
  • Registrar
  • Candidate

You will need adobe flash player version 10 or higher for these modules - install Adobe Flash Player.

Alcohol and other drugs - managing the risk

This module is about Part 99, and can be used as part of drug and alcohol management plans (DAMP) that organisation’s are required to have in place.

Drug and alcohol management plan supervisor

This module is for DAMP supervisors and includes practical information and tools.

You can access these using the AviationWorx system.

Support contacts

For all system enquiries please email AviationWorx@casa.gov.au or you can call an aviation safety adviser on 131 757.

Technical support

We can only offer limited technical assistance with the eLearning modules. We can’t help you with individual computer problems.

If you are experiencing problems with your computer, please read through this check list first, and contact your local computer technician if you need further technical help.

How you can access the training modules

To access these modules you will need:

  • a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels
  • a standard TrueColor VGA monitor
  • a common internet browser such as Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari which is no more than three years old
  • a dial-up or broadband internet connection
  • Javascript
  • Adobe Flash player
  • a moderately powerful PC using Windows 2000/XP (or later) running at least 512Mb of RAM.

If you have trouble accessing the modules, you might have:

  • a slow or intermittent (i.e. wireless or mobile) internet connection
  • a CPU with little ram (256 MB) running a modern operating system like Windows 2000/XP
  • a computer with little or no hard disk space remaining
  • an old computer with a very polluted registry from too many years of installing and running software
  • an outdated browser.