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Worldwide Low Cost Airports Wrap-up – Jul-08


In this wrap-up of the low cost airports and terminals sector for Jul-08, we review some of the construction developments occurring, predominantly in the Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe regions, and some of the challenges facing low cost airports and terminals as a result of the challenges facing the LCC sector and wider airline industry. [1726 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • LCCT for Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport?
  • Future of Don Mueang in doubt?
  • Middle East

Graphs and data:

  • Chicago Midway to become an LCC hub, as Southwest and WestJet team up
  • Chicago Midway International Airport capacity share (seats): week commencing 14-Jul-08
  • Chicago Midway International Airport total passenger numbers and passenger number growth: Jun-07 to May-08
  • Sochacew Airport to be converted into LCC airport
  • Brussels Charleroi Airport shortlists candidates for minority stake
  • Brussels South Charleroi Airport capacity (seats) share by carrier: Week commencing 04-Aug-08
  • Expansion at Changi Budget Terminal to commence in Sep-08
  • Layout plan for Singapore Budget Terminal
  • KLIA LCCT expansion to be completed in 11 months
  • Existing LCCT at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
  • Don Mueang Airport capacity (seats): Week commencing 21-Jul-08
  • Al Ain International Airport promoted as "low-cost based airport"
  • El Ain International Airport capacity (seats) share by carrier: Week commencing 04-Aug-08
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