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World's Busiest Airports: Hong Kong International Airport rides the China wave up the rankings


The predecessor of the current Hong Kong International Airport, Kai Tak, was perhaps one of the most famous airports in the world, with white-knuckle approaches that remain YouTube favorites to this day. But when opened in 1998, the new airport was an engineering marvel that was famous in its own right, though with less exciting approaches. The airport alone occupies over 1% of Hong Kong’s total land area and is already in need of expansion. [664 words]

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  • Another Chinese powerhouse
  • An opaque picture of fares
  • The Future

Graphs and data:

  • HKG weekly seats by carrier (25 Apr-1 May, 2011)
  • HKG weekly seats by alliance affiliation (25 Apr-1 May, 2011)
  • HKG International traffic by region (25 Apr- 1 May, 2011)
  • HKG seat offer by carrier type (25 Apr-1 May, 2011)
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