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Where next for Europe's secondary airports?


The news that Wizz Air intends to leave Scotland’s Glasgow Prestwick Airport (PIK) in favour of the city’s International Airport serves to emphasise the fact that while primary airports generally held quite steady in 2012 – and in some cases managed to grow their passenger traffic base – in Europe at least the hybridisation of airlines is but one factor leading airlines towards a reappraisal of their needs where airports are concerned. Is there now a future for secondary and tertiary level airports; a model that exploded on to the scene as recently as the first half of the 2000s to service the rapid escalation of budget airlines? [3952 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Catering to the needs of the business traveller
  • Others could follow Wizz Air’s lead
  • Sent to Coventry
  • Wizz Air unlikely to quit other UK airports?
  • 48% of European airports are loss-makers
  • At the whim of a small number of airlines
  • The ‘aeromuerto’ catches like Spanish flu

Graphs and data:

  • Glasgow Prestwick Airport Network Summary (scheduled carriers) (at 11-Feb-2013)
  • Glasgow Prestwick Airport (seat capacity by carrier): 11-Feb-2013 to 17-Feb-2013
  • Profitability of regional airports below 5 million passengers per annum (mppa) (incl/excl. non-operating income such as public grants)
  • Frankfurt Hahn Airport (seat capacity by carrier): 11-Feb-2013 to 17-Feb-2013
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