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Traffic growth slows; premium traffic and revenue remain notably below pre-crisis level: IATA


The pre-recession rebound in international air traffic is now entering a slower phase of growth after the strong post-recession rebound in 1H2009 and 1Q2010 with premium traffic remaining well off pre-recession levels. Growth in business travel continues to outpace that of economy class, although economy-class traffic is now above pre-recession highs. [753 words]

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  • Premium growth of 9%; economy growth of 6% in Aug-2010
  • 1%-1.5% month-on-month reduction in traffic
  • Premium passenger growth has 'stopped improving'
  • Premium fares now about 30% above 2009 lows; size of premium market 21% smaller than 2008 peak
  • Premium traffic 'not consistent with developments in world trade'
  • Economy traffic slows but 'some 5%' above pre-crisis
  • Traffic and profits to slow in 2011; capacity growth puts pressure on yields

Graphs and data:

  • IATA international air passengers (seasonally adjusted) by seat class: 2005 to Aug-2010
  • IATA international premium traffic growth by route: Aug-2010
  • Premium ticket volume and revenue growth: Jul-2007 to Jul-2010
  • Premium passengers and world trade growth: Jan-2006 to Aug-2010
  • Economy passengers and business and consumer confidence indexes: 2006 to Aug-2010
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