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Tirana Airport – an unlikely East European success story


The ‘unlikeliness’ of Albania on just about any subject is exemplified by the way it took to its heart an ageing and fading British actor, comedian and singer, Norman Wisdom, elevating him to superstardom status to the degree that on one visit he was mobbed while football star David Beckham was virtually ignored. But the superstar latterly has been Tirana International Airport, which grew by close to 20% in 2011. Hochtief Airport took something of a punt on Tirana but it appears to have paid off. [1324 words]

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  • Swallows to the spring
  • Changing the image of Albania
  • GDP growth forecast at 3.5% for 2012
  • LCC Belle Air is the leading airline
  • Tourism growing from a low base

Graphs and data:

  • Tirana Airport seat capacity by carrier: 09-Jan-2012 to 15-Jan-2012
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