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The premium traffic decline. A short history. Are things really getting better in the Asia Pacific?


After a lot of relatively positive noises about the economy generally and, this week, from some airlines in the Asia Pacific region, the worldwide figures published by IATA for premium travel trends suffered a setback in yesterday’ s September results. Here IATA observed that “passenger numbers fell a couple of percentage points during September, as the recent upturn in both major economies and air travel encountered an area of turbulence.” [1519 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Is Asian premium travel recovering?
  • Middle East becoming the Premium Oasis
  • Important to measure new figures against the 2008 base months
  • A lagging indicator – so watch the economy and the premium will follow?

Graphs and data:

  • Premium traffic Sep-2009 vs Sep-2008
  • Premium traffic Jan-Sep-2009
  • IATA international premium traffic growth on Far East routes: Jul-07 to Sep-09
  • IATA international premium traffic growth on Middle east routes: Jul-07 to Sep-09
  • IATA worldwide international premium traffic growth: Jul-07 to Sep-09
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