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The ‘Next Generation’ airport. Parts of it are here now. Some scenarios remain fanciful.


Recently the New York Times reported on a concept by the firm of architects Grimshaw for the ‘Next Generation Airport’, an offshore environmentally-friendly haven of peace and quiet supported by the very latest technological advances and cutting edge innovations such as undersea high-speed trains that might have been seen on the futuristic 1960 and 70s television puppet programmes from the Gerry Anderson stable. Super Car docks at Super Hub. But just how practical are these proposals? [2516 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Wheel of fortune
  • Existing offshore airports have their home in Asia
  • For all its Palm and World islands Dubai's future airport is on solid ground
  • Continuing lack of long-haul LCCs
  • A worrying propensity to sink
  • Ryanair surges ahead of the architect's projections on online check-in
  • RDIF baggage applications a potential money spinner
  • New security technology holds out hope for shorter, quicker queues
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