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The incredible shrinking US airline market


WEEKLY REFLECTIONS WITH RON KUHLMANN & THE CENTRE. My July 2009 OAG arrived. Big surprise, you say? Well, yes, because it was in my mailbox. I have been receiving the OAG at home for a number of years and this is my first recollection of its being left in the mailbox. It fit because it was only 1400 pages – down from the September, 2001 issue that was almost 2100 pages long. [1701 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • New Routes? Not a good time.
  • Less Service, Smaller Planes
  • Chart 1
  • Fewer flights, random schedule
  • And all the rest
  • Kansas City
  • Ontario
  • Austin
  • Thoughts on dieting: who is getting thinner?

Graphs and data:

  • Cincinnati
  • Chart 2
  • Chart 3
  • Chart 4
  • US domestic capacity (million seats per month) LCCs vs Network Airlines: Jun-2001 to Jun-2009
  • US domestic capacity growth (% change year-on-year) LCCs vs Network Airlines and Total: Jun-2002 to Jun-2009
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