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The gloves come off - hairy chested Cathay muscling its way through fuel cost challenge


Cathay Pacific is pressing ahead with its aggressive expansion agenda, with a renewed focus on Middle East routes, despite soaring fuel prices and a recent profit warning. Cathay has announced the “first stage” of its redeployment of services to routes where demand is high, including: [1139 words]

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  • Disappointing earnings expected, premium fares up
  • June traffic solid
  • Cargo demand OK, but guilty plea in price-fixing probe
  • Outlook: One of the few remaining bulls - but caution creeping in

Graphs and data:

  • Asia Pacific carriers' passenger capacity (ASK) and passenger capacity growth for five months ended 31-May-08
  • Cathay Pacific passenger number growth and cargo volume growth: Jan-07 to Jun-08
  • Cathay Pacific passenger capacity (ASK) growth by region: Jan-07 to Jun-08
  • Cathay Pacific passenger load factor by region: Jan-07 to Jun-08
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