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Spring and JuneYao show success is possible among Chinese private airlines


Following the bankruptcy of East Star Airlines in late Aug-2009, there are now four private airlines - JuneYao, Okay, Spring and United Airlines - in China. [3079 words]

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  • Spring Airlines’ profits and traffic surge
  • Seen improvement in financial performance since May-2009; domestic market recovering “very well”
  • On track for fourth consecutive year of profitability
  • Invests in fleet and pilots; receives 14th A320
  • Getting creative with ancillaries
  • Spring to establish Northeast China hub
  • New schedule launched
  • Spring Airlines calls for greater access to 20 largest airports
  • JuneYao Airlines expecting a significantly increased profit in 2009 and 2010
  • JuneYao Airlines on track with IPO plans
  • JuneYao acquires first owned aircraft
  • Juneyao seeking to take advantage of 2010 World Expo with international services
  • Year-to-date pax growth of 76%
  • Okay Airways seeing “no development” in investment efforts
  • Cancels services due to considerable losses and pilot shortages
  • East Star Air assets to be auctioned
  • Chengdu Airlines arises from the restructuring of United Eagle

Graphs and data:

  • China’s Private Carriers
  • China domestic capacity (seats) by carrier: Oct-2009
  • Spring Airlines financial highlights for six months ended 30-Jun-2009 
  • Spring Airlines traffic highlights: Nov-2005 to Sep-2009 
  • Spring Airlines fleet plan: Nov-2009 
  • Shenyang Airport capacity (seats) share by carrier: Nov-2009
  • Shenyang Airport passenger numbers growth: Mar-2009 to Sep-2009
  • Airlines planning IPOs in China
  • JuneYao Airlines fleet plans: Nov-2009
  • JuneYao Airlines traffic growth: Jan-2007 to Sep-2009
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