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Schiphol Group privatisation ‘not a priority’


The Netherland’s Schiphol Group published its financial report for 1H2009, the period ended 30-Jun-09. The net result declined by 76.6% to EUR22.4 million from EUR95.8 million. According to Schiphol Group, the causes were a drop in traffic and transport, restructuring provisions, declining fair value property portfolio, impairment of contract-related assets and increase in financial expenses. [1445 words]

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  • Societal role and the airport city for ‘Europe’s preferred airport’
  • LCC traffic reduces by almost 20%
  • Change of opinion on privatisation, charges frozen in 2010, investment strategy revised
  • Proposed Lelystad LCT to help reduce ‘congestion’ at Schiphol

Graphs and data:

  • Table: Financial highlights for the six months ended 30-Jun-09 (all monetary figures EUR million)
  • Chart 1: Schiphol Group revenue: 2002 to 1H09
  • Chart 2: Schiphol Group EBITDA and EBITDA margin: 2003 to 1H09
  • Chart 3: Schiphol group revenue growth and EBITDA growth: 2000 to 1H09
  • Chart 4: Amsterdam Airport passenger number growth and cargo volume growth: Jul-08 to Jul-09
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