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Samaran Airport seeking private partner


It was back in Aug-2010 that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev approved plans to transfer 50.99% of Kurumoch International Airport’s shares from the Russian Government to the Samara Region in order to attract EUR231.4 million in investments by 2015 for a public private partnership to upgrade the airport. The region plans to construct a new terminal and upgrade the airport’s engineering systems and services. What has been a slow process may now be nearing fruition. [1777 words]

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  • 20.3% traffic increase in 2010
  • History
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Routes
  • Active negotiations

Graphs and data:

  • Table 1: Kurumoch Airport capacity (seats per week) by carrier, 12 to 18-Sep-2011
  • Table 2: International capacity by region 12 to 18-Sep-2011
  • Table 3: Capacity share by carrier type, 12 to 18-Sep-2011
  • Table 4: Capacity share by alliance, 12 to 18-Sep-2011
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