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Royal Jordanian's fuel costs increase 106% in Aug-08 to represent 49% of total operating costs


Royal Jordanian’s fuel costs continued their upwards trend in Aug-08 to reach USD47.3 million, a 106% year-on-year increase, to represent 49% of total operational costs, compared to 33% in Aug-07. [1361 words]

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  • Passenger traffic up 16% in Aug-08; growth expected to continue in coming months
  • Europe expansion continues
  • Considering freight expansion, as cargo growth slows
  • Further B787s delays become a possibility

Graphs and data:

  • Selected Middle East airlines fuel costs as portion of total operating expenses: 2008
  • Royal Jordanian fuel costs: 2004-1H08
  • Royal Jordanian traffic highlights for Aug-08
  • Royal Jordanian traffic highlights for eight months ended Aug-08
  • Royal Jordanian passenger traffic and load factor: 2001 to 2007
  • Royal Jordanian European market capacity share (seats by European country): Week commencing 29-Sep-08
  • Royal Jordanian European destination map: Sep-08
  • Royal Jordanian cargo growth (kilograms): 2001 to 2007
  • Boeing B787 delays timeline
  • Royal Jordanian fleet delivery programme (by aircraft build years)
  • Royal Jordanian airlines current fleet in service
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