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Romania LCC capacity share expanding as Blue Air and Wizz Air battle for local supremacy


Both domestic and international capacity share has steadily swung in favour of LCCs in Romania during the course of the last four years, gaining ground from 2.2% to 18.4% (domestic) and from 9.9% to 37.8% (international) for the period Jan-Aug in each of those years. [1576 words]

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  • easyjet, Ryanair do not have the same penetration here
  • Blue Air claims to be one of the largest of the central European LCCs
  • EUR100 million investment
  • Impressive statistics are reminiscent of Hahn
  • Hoping to avoid the fate of Etiuda

Graphs and data:

  • Chart 1: LCC capacity share within Romania (%): 2001 to 2009
  • Chart 2: LCC capacity share to/from Romania (%): 2001 to 2009
  • Chart 3: Bucharest Otopeni Airport carrier capacity share (%)
  • Chart 4: Bucharest Baneasa Airport carrier capacity share (%)
  • Table 1: Traffic growth at Baneasa Airport, 2004-2009
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