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Pakistan aviation: A review of 2009 and outlook for 2010


Pakistan’s aviation industry has suffered in recent years due, in large part, to the poor performance of national carrier, Pakistan International Airlines, which continues to be supported by the Pakistani Government. The nation’s aviation industry is confronted by continuing uncertainty with regard to the security situation, which is hampering economic development. But there have been some pockets of growth. [2448 words]

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  • Pakistan International Airlines targets turnaround to operating profit in 2010
  • No plans to privatise PIA, assessing fleet expansion plans
  • Needs to address declining trend in yields
  • PIA denied additional landing rights in Dubai
  • Middle East the largest market from Pakistan
  • Pakistan seeking to enhance bilateral air services agreements with 12 countries in 2010
  • Shaheen Air International to acquire 1-2 aircraft shortly
  • Shaheen Air to resume network expansion in another twelve months
  • Air Blue requires leadership – Managing Director resigns
  • A tenth international airport for Pakistan
  • Outlook: Security and regulatory barriers to growth

Graphs and data:

  • Pakistan International Airlines financial highlights for nine months ended 30-Sep-2009
  • Pakistan International Airlines fleet: Week commencing 22-Feb-2010
  • Pakistan International Airlines traffic highlights: Three months ended 30-Sep-2009
  • Pakistan-Dubai capacity (seats per week as % of total) and frequency share by carrier
  • Pakistan-Middle East capacity (seats per week as % of total) breakdown by carrier
  • Pakistan International Airlines’ domestic route map: Feb-2010
  • Pakistan International Airlines’ international route map: Feb-2010
  • Pakistan capacity breakdown by market (seats per week as % of total)
  • Shaheen Air International international destinations map: Feb-2010
  • Air Blue fleet: Week commencing 22-Feb-2010
  • Air Blue destinations map: Feb-2010
  • International airports in Pakistan: Feb-2010
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