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Overflights leading a tentative recovery in Irish aviation?


Overflight traffic in Irish Aviation Authority airspace declined by just 2.5% in Dec-2009, admittedly on already depressed 2008 levels. The decline is the smallest year-on-year reduction in overflights seen by the IAA in more than 12 months, and a sign that traffic flows between Europe and North America are showing some tentative signs of recovery. The IAA provides Air Traffic Management services to approximately 90% of all traffic that transit between Europe and North America. [881 words]

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  • Irish Airport traffic collapsing, Ryanair pessimistic
  • Irish Aviation Authority to increase charges?
  • ENSURE to improve efficiency

Graphs and data:

  • Irish Aviation Authority overflights: 2008-2009
  • IAA North Atlantic Communication traffic: 2008 and 2009
  • Irish Airports commercial aircraft movement (% change): 2009
  • Irish Airports passenger traffic (% change): 2004 to 2008
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