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NATS records fifth year of profitable operations


NATS Holding and its associated subsidiaries reported a drop in profitability of almost 30%, with net profit falling from GBP69.4 million in FY06/07 to GBP49.2 million for the 12 months ended 31-Mar-08. Operating profits for the full year period were down by a similar margin. [1118 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • New management structure to reinforce operations
  • Non-regulated activities report stronger growth
  • Outlook more challenging
  • Single European Sky to speed FAB implementation
  • Sharpens environment goals

Graphs and data:

  • NATS Group financial & traffic highlights
  • UK air traffic services financial highlights
  • Northern Atlantic air traffic services financial highlights
  • Airport air traffic services
  • Average delay per aircraft movement: 2001-2008
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