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More US airports explore a privatisation alternative – to be joined by the first Canadian one?


Considering the limited number of slots (five) available under the FAA’s airport Pilot Privatisation Programme a lengthy queue of airports seems to be forming to take advantage of it if they can. Two airports in the Los Angeles area have recently emerged as contenders and for quite different reasons, and one in Maryland. As is often the case though, the momentum is coming from politicians rather than airport managers. Meanwhile, in Canada another political initiative is under way for a full privatisation of Ontario’s Hamilton Airport. [3152 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • For Lease: America‚Äôs airports (and the LA Zoo)
  • No concept of a privately run low cost airport
  • A challenge worth taking on
  • One door closes...
  • ...another opens
  • The shadow of BAA looms
  • Ryanair would just love WBI
  • Canada in the spotlight
  • Sidelined by a Buffalo
  • Dinosaur University

Graphs and data:

  • Los Angeles Airport and Ontario Airport passenger numbers growth (% change year-on-year): 2004 to 2009
  • Van Nuys Airport
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