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Middle East traffic still on the rise, but at what cost?


Traffic in the Middle East continues to defy international trends, with IATA reporting a 13.2% increase in passenger demand and a 15.3% increase in capacity to/from the region in Jul-2009, making it the only region worldwide to show growth, let alone double-digit growth. But, can it be sustained? [1012 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Load factors solid
  • Cargo still suffering
  • Too much capacity coming?
  • Yields depressed, revenue share dropping
  • Outlook: Profitless expansion

Graphs and data:

  • Middle East passenger demand & capacity (RPKs & ASKs): Aug-2009 to Jul-2009
  • Middle East & Industry passenger load factors
  • Middle East cargo demand & capacity: Mar-2008 to Jul-2009
  • Middle East & Industry capacity (ASKs): Mar-2008 to Jul-2009
  • Scheduled Middle East aircraft deliveries: Sep-2009 to Dec-2009
  • IATA premium traffic growth by region - Jun-09
  • AACO Intra Arab World traffic: Jul-2008 to Jun-2009
  • IATA Middle East premium revenue share vs premium traffic share: Apr-08 to Jun-09
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