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Middle East takes rising share of global premium traffic markets, but at what price?


Travel markets to/from the Middle East are retaining the gains made in premium traffic volumes and revenues since the onset of the global economic crisis. The Middle East region’s share of the worldwide premium traffic market has strengthened over the past five months, mainly as a result of significant weakness in all other regions and as carriers from within and outside the Middle East focus their capacity on the region’s relatively buoyant economies. [937 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Middle East performing better than the rest of the world
  • Discounting fiercely, but the luxuries keep on coming
  • Outlook: Tough time for yields, as carriers chase passengers

Graphs and data:

  • Middle East premium traffic share vs revenue share: Jan-08 to Mar-09
  • Middle East internal and international premium traffic: Apr-2008 to Mar-2009
  • IATA premium traffic Mar-2009
  • Middle East premium traffic breakdown by region: Mar-2009 and Feb-2009
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