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LCCs and unaligned carriers take greater share of global aviation again in August 2011


The world's low-cost carriers (LCC) and airlines not part of the global alliances have taken market share away from the leading global groupings again this month, continuing a theme of recent months. Over the past 12 months, LCCs have increased their share of global aviation (in terms of seats per week) from 22.9% in Aug-2010 to 23.8% in Aug-2011, while the un-aligned carriers have risen from 27.6% to 28.8%. Over the same period, Star Alliance's share has fallen 0.9 ppts to 23.1%, while oneworld has lost 0.8 ppts to 10.2%. SkyTeam has seen its share drop 0.3% to 14.1%, according to Innovata schedule data. [434 words]

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  • Little change at the top of the LCC rankings

Graphs and data:

  • LCC vs Unaligned vs Alliances capacity and shares (%) of global aviation: Aug-2010 vs Aug-2011
  • Top 25 LCCs worldwide by capacity (ASKs/week): Aug-2010 vs Aug-2011
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