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LCC opportunities: going international vs staying domestic, ancillary revs, partnerships and yield


Almost by definition, the opportunities presented to the LCC sector imply introducing some form of differentiation, at least temporarily. In an industry whose product is constantly challenged to avoid being a mere commodity, it is difficult to maintain a difference for long, be it technically, operationally or for example in in-flight services. Imitation comes quickly. But some carriers stand out, at least holding on to a special position for many years; again, Southwest has been one of these. [5041 words]

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  • Going international: increasingly the focus for many
  • Staying at home: the domestic focus
  • Ancillary Revenues
  • To grow or not to grow?
  • Partnering to expand market access
  • Positioning as the Quality Product
  • And the winners areā€¦

Graphs and data:

  • Not everyone is contracting: Selected LCC passenger growth rates: Jan-Sep 2009
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