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Korea awaits privatisation of Incheon Airport


Anticipation is growing that the privatisation of Incheon Airport will go ahead during the remainder of 2010, one of the first major transactions of the new decade and a boost to the flagging interest in airport deals. The sale is conservatively expected to generate more than USD500 million but could be more like USD2 billion, even in these difficult times. [2193 words]

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  • Foreign speculative investors need not apply
  • Slimmer of the Year
  • Small government, big market
  • KAC keen to sell least profitable airports
  • Leaders demand new airport
  • KRW4 trillion expenditure at IIAC by 2015
  • A difficult period for KAL and Asiana as LCCs grow their market share
  • IIAC to increase foreign contracts

Graphs and data:

  • Incheon Airport passenger numbers and passenger numbers growth: Jan-2009 to May-2010
  • Selected South Korean airports passenger numbers in 2008 and 2009
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