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Kenya Airways' operating profit surges in FY2011; in expansion mode


Kenya Airways restored healthy margins in FY2011, despite a significant increase in capacity. The airline is charting an ambitious course, planning to serve every capital city in Africa by 2014, as well as enhancing its long-haul network. Kenya Airways has entered an intensive investment phase and could tap financial markets later in 2011 to support its growth plans. [640 words]

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  • Successful FY2011
  • Expansions plans

Graphs and data:

  • Kenya Airways operating profit margin: FY2008 to FY2011
  • Kenya Airways fleet (as at 06-Jun-2011)
  • Kenya Airways' financial highlights for the 12 months ended 31-Mar-2011
  • Kenya Airways owned vs leased for aircraft on order (as at 06-Jun-2011)
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