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Jetstar takes ‘defensive’ action – seeks to operate from a military base


Australia’s Jetstar threw down the gauntlet to airport operators in Jun-2009 when it requested permission from the country’s Defence Department, not for the first time, to operate services from the Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) base at Edinburgh near Adelaide, claiming Adelaide Airport’s fees are too expensive and that its 2300 to 0600 curfew is too restrictive. The carrier has previously been denied permission to operate from the base. The use of military bases by civil airfield operators has been gaining ground for several years now, but it is typically the case that they are converted by an airport operator first, and then ‘sold’ as an alternative to the airlines, rather than the other way around. Do they really offer airlines the ‘solution’ they seek? [2747 words]

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  • Not a suitable way to run an airport
  • Senator requests a national policy for the use of defence bases by military airlines
  • NSW government favours Richmond air force base as Sydney’s second airport over a previously identified military base
  • Auckland conversion decision remains with government but well organised resistance campaign argues it offers no benefits
  • Keflavik’s military loss is Development Corporation’s gain
  • Hahn, Doncaster and Manston are examples of the genre that have not quite succeeded
  • Weeze almost lost to operating hours restriction
  • US has many opportunities
  • Clark/DMIA is an example of how a military airfield can be converted successfully
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