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JetBlue SWOT Analysis: Third consecutive quarter of profitability in 3Q2009


JetBlue reported a third consecutive quarter of profitability in 3Q2009 (three months ended Sep-2009), despite an uncertain and “tough economic environment”. CEO, Dave Barger, stated the actions taken by the carrier in 2008, including a fuel hedge portfolio restructure, capacity reallocations and aircraft sales/deferrals have had a positive effect on the carrier's profitability, leading to the “significantly improved results”. [3167 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • …but feeling the effects of the current challenging environment
  • Strengths: Seeing positive developments in both cost and revenue aspects
  • WEAKNESS: Unit revenue and yield reductions reflecting weak revenue environment
  • OPPORTUNITIES: Expanding presence in emerging markets
  • Threats: Fuel and weak economy
  • OUTLOOK: Challenging times ahead, but strongly focused on survival strategy

Graphs and data:

  • JetBlue financial highlights for three months ended 30-Sep-2009
  • JetBlue share price growth: Jan-2009 to Oct-2009
  • JetBlue quarterly operating margin: 1Q2006 to 3Q2009
  • Select US carriers’ 3Q2009 operating profit margins
  • 3Q200: forecast and actual 
  • Select US carriers’ 3Q2009 unit cost per ASM
  • Select US carriers’ 3Q2009 unit cost per ASM excluding fuel
  • FY2009 outlook
  • JetBlue load factor and break-even load factor: 1Q2007 to 3Q2009
  • JetBlue passenger numbers and passenger load factor growth: Oct-2008 to Sep-2009
  • US LCC average fares: 3Q2009
  • JetBlue PRASM year-on-year increase: May-2007 to Sep-2009
  • FY2009 outlook
  • 4Q2009 forecast
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