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Iceland Express remains optimistic about the future


Iceland Express, owned by Icelandic investment company Fengur, stated it remains optimistic about its future prospects, despite the global recession and severe local currency devaluation last year, which resulted in the bankruptcy of Sterling Airlines on 29-Oct-2008, and a change in ownership for the Icelandic LCC. [1246 words]

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  • Iceland rocked by 2008/09 economic crises, which almost plunged the country into national bankruptcy 
  • Iceland Express survives, but Sterling not so lucky
  • Iceland Express sees benefits of economic crises – record number of tourists and increasing importance of tourism
  • Making Iceland more accessible
  • Continuing growth trajectory
  • Going long-haul with trans-Atlantic services to New York

Graphs and data:

  • Iceland Central Bank average selling rates of EUR by year: 1988 to 2008
  • Iceland Ministry of Finance revised Macroeconomic forecast for 2008-2010 (Jan-2009)
  • Icelandic airlines receipts from foreign tourist sand international tourist receipts and expenditures as a share of Good and Service and GDP: 1969-2008
  • Registered aircraft (heavy aircraft): 1984 to 2008
  • Summer 2009 Network
  • Iceland Express Summer 2010 Schedule
  • Icelandair Route Map: Nov-2009
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