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IATA labels the cost recovery model ATM’s real problem


The ongoing conflict between airlines and air navigation service providers (ANSP) over charges has escalated again. IATA, which represents 230 (mostly) full service airlines, operating 93% of scheduled international air traffic, released a missive this month that claims that 19 of the 34 EUROCONTROL members have proposed increases in their ANSP charges. [3180 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • Out of control monopolists
  • The cost recovery model and shrinking traffic
  • Battleground Europe: IATA selects playing field wisely
  • European traffic dives in 2009
  • European traffic recovery uncertain in 2010
  • CANSO and IATA agree: change is necessary
  • SES: The answer to the problem?
  • Risk sharing and performance

Graphs and data:

  • EUROCONTROL 2009 European ATC charges forecast
  • Worldwide IFR aircraft movements (2007-2010YTD)
  • EUROCONTROL average daily aircraft movements: 2001-2010
  • EURCONTROL IRF movements short-term forecast (Dec-2009)
  • European IFR movement declines greater than ESRA area average: 2009
  • EUROCONTROL 2010 IFR movements forecast
  • CANSO‚Äôs nine principles for tackling the economic crisis
  • FAB initiatives
  • ATM costs under SESAR targets
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