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Hainan Airlines first quarter profitability soars


Hainan Airlines reported a notable 693% year-on-year increase in net profitability in 1Q2010 to USD37 million, with a net profit margin of 5.4% in the quarter - its best in five quarters. [1303 words]

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  • Hainan Airlines – back to black in 2009
  • Margins improve, but remain thin
  • Revenues reach highest level
  • Rapid traffic and fleet growth                                                             
  • Outlook: Upwards growth trajectory expected to traffic, revenues and profits in 2010

Graphs and data:

  • Hainan Airlines net profit margin trend: 1Q2009 to 1Q2010
  • Chinese carriers net profit margin: 1Q2009 to 1Q2010 (according to the Chinese accounting standard)
  • Hainan Airlines revenue trend: 1Q2009 to 1Q2010
  • Hainan Airlines financial results: Three months ended 31-Mar-2010 (Chinese Accounting Standards)
  • Chinese carriers total assets: 31-Dec-2009 vs 31-Mar-2010
  • Hainan Airlines financial results: 12 months ended 31-Dec-2009 (Chinese Accounting Standards)
  • Hainan Airlines net profit margin (%): 2001 to 2010F
  • Hainan Airlines revenue (CNY billions) and growth (%): 2001 to 2010F
  • Operating revenue breakdown by airline: 2009 (CNY)
  • Hainan Airlines passenger numbers growth and cargo volume growth: 2001 to 2010F
  • Hainan Airlines freight and passenger growth: Dec-2008 to Dec-2009
  • Hainan Airlines passenger numbers: 2001 to 2010F
  • Hainan Airlines’ fleet growth (units): 2007 to 2011
  • Hainan Airlines’ total assets trend and liabilities/total assets rate: 2001 to 2009
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