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Fraport runs out of patience with opportunities in Indian airports, but was it too soon?


Fraport has indicated it intends to end its Indian operations in Jun-2012 with the airport operator also considering selling its 10% stake in Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL). Does this spell the end for foreign investment in airports in a market that has never quite lived up to its promise? [1690 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • 'We are disappointed': Fraport
  • Other BRICs offer better prospects
  • Administration of 2005/06 privatisations put off future bidders
  • Infrastructure improved enormously
  • Highest fees in the world
  • PPPs back in favour
  • Actual and potential investors/operators are thin on the ground

Graphs and data:

  • DIAL capacity by carrier (seats per week): 11-Jun-2012 to 17-Jun-2012
  • Mumbai Airport capacity by carrier (seats per week): 11-Jun-2012 to 17-Jun-2012
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