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Europe loses four years of growth. Traffic reset to 2005


There can be few better examples of the global financial crisis’ impact on aviation than the level of flight movements in Europe. In its latest forecast, EUROCONTROL, the European air navigation safety organisation, noted that 2009 European flight numbers have “tracked 2006 for most of the year”, but further capacity cuts during the Northern Winter Schedule saw Nov/Dec-2009 flight numbers slip back to 2005 levels. [1015 words]

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  • Largest markets the most heavily affected
  • 2010 forecast better, as Europe‚Äôs full service carriers look to return to growth

Graphs and data:

  • EURCONTROL IRF movements short-term forecast (Dec-2009)
  • European average daily IFR movements: 2001-2010
  • EUROCONTROL progression of average forecast range for IFR movements for 2009
  • Forecast IFR movement declines greater than ESRA area average
  • Forecast IFR increases in ESRA area in 2009
  • IFR movement growth in ESRA area: Sep/Nov-2009
  • AEA member passenger traffic & capacity Nov/Dec-2009
  • European cargo demand (FTKs) & traffic (ASKs)
  • EUROCONTROL short term forecast: 2010
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