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EUROCONTROL drops aircraft movements forecast


EUROCONTROL has again dropped its short-term outlook for European aircraft movements, revising its forecast for 2009 downwards from a 5.5% decline (forecast in May-2009) to a 5.9% decline. [972 words]

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  • Europe’s full service carriers still cutting back heavily
  • Slot suspension wavier needs to be extended
  • Europe’s LCCs to fill the void?
  • UK/Ireland hit hardest, Italy coming back
  • Return to growth in 2010

Graphs and data:

  • EUROCONTROL Sep-2009 short-term IFR movements forecast
  • AEA Member traffic (ASKs, RPKs and passenger growth, % change y-o-y): Jan-2009 to Jul-2009
  • Additional European area flights per day by market segment: Jan-2006 to Aug-2009
  • ELFAA departing seat capacity: 2007 to Jul-2009
  • Intra-European share of worldwide premium traffic: Dec-2006 to Jul-2009
  • Difference between May-2009 and Sep-2009 short-term forecasts
  • EUROCONTROL short term forecast for 2010   
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