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El Salvador in search of public-private partnership airport upgrade solution


El Salvador’s Cuscatlán International Airport is considering a public-private partnership (PPP) in order to fund proposed airport upgrades. The airport’s 2030 master plan is estimated to cost SVC6.9 billion (USD800 million) to implement.  [1713 words]

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  • PROESA is the empowered agency
  • A main hub for TACA
  • Domestic services needed?
  • PPP one of a variety of privatisation methods for modernisation and expansion

Graphs and data:

  • El Salvador capacity by all carriers (seats per week): 16-Apr-2012 to 22 Apr-2012
  • El Salvador seat capacity by region: 16-Apr-2012 to 22 Apr-2012
  • El Salvador map
  • Central America top 10 airports by seat capacity: 16-Apr-2012 to 22-Apr-2012
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