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Eastern European airlines in fight for survival as LCCs and weak economy hit hard


The turbulence that is currently impacting the global aviation industry has been especially hard on the medium-sized, Eastern European carriers, including CSA Czech Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines and JAT. Many of the region's flag carriers are now slashing staff numbers, cutting capacity and turning to asset sales and other sources of finance to keep flying this Winter. [6105 words]

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  • At least ten Eastern Europe failures in the past 20 months
  • LCC penetration below average within Eastern Europe, but extremely high to/from the region
  • Europe’s LCC see the opportunities in Eastern Europe
  • Conducive market conditions: Large population, EU entry and large tourism market  
  • Eastern Europe facing slower economic growth due to downturn in Western Europe and the US
  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Slovak Republic
  • Hungary
  • Serbia
  • Croatia
  • Bulgaria
  • Wizz Air has 30% capacity share in Eastern and Central Europe
  • easyJet and Ryanair increasingly targeting Eastern Europe
  • Conclusion: Rapidly changing Eastern European market presents opportunities and challenges

Graphs and data:

  • Summary of major airlines in Eastern Europe
  • Map of Central and Eastern Europe
  • Known Eastern Europe airline failures/cessations: 2008 and 2009 
  • LCC capacity share within region
  • LCC capacity share to/from region
  • LCC capacity to/from Eastern Europe (Excluding Russia): 2001 to 2009
  • LCC capacity within Eastern Europe (Excluding Russia): 2001 to 2009
  • Population (millions) in Central and Eastern Europe: 2007 to 2014F
  • Map of Europe (yellow = EU member country, blue = candidate countries, grey = other European countries)
  • Tourism receipts, and tourism departures/arrival levels in Central and Eastern Europe
  • GDP growth rates (%) in Central and Eastern Europe: 2007 to 2014F
  • GDP per inhabitant in PPS as a percentage of the EU-27 average
  • LCC capacity share to/from Czech Republic: 2001 to 2009
  • Czech Airlines key traffic highlights: 1998 to 2008
  • LCC capacity share by market: 2001 vs 2005 vs 2009
  • Capacity share (seats) by carrier to/from Poland: Oct-2009
  •  LCC capacity share within Poland: 2001 to 2009
  • LCC capacity share to/from Slovakia: 2001 to 2009
  • LCC capacity share within Slovakia: 2001 to 2009
  • LCC capacity share to/from Hungary: 2001 to 2009
  • Capacity share (seats) by carrier to/from Hungary: Oct-2009
  • Capacity share (seats) by carrier to/from Serbia: Oct-2009
  • Capacity share (seats) to/from Croatia: Oct-2009
  • International scheduled passengers by market: 2007 vs 2008
  • LCC capacity share within Bulgaria: 2001 to 2009
  • Capacity share (seats) by carrier to/from Bulgaria: Oct-2009
  • Wizz Air base expansions: Jun-2009 to Oct-2009
  • Wizz Air route map: Oct-2009
  • Wizz Air passenger growth: FY2004 to FY2009F
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