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Delhi International Airport's third runway to launch commercial operations on Sep-08


Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) announced Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport’s new 4,430m runway, the airport's third, handled its inaugural test flight on 21-Aug-08 (an Air India aircraft without any passengers). Full commercial operations are expected to commence in Sep-08. [1778 words]

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  • Prepares retail tenders for T3
  • Confirms plans to construct LCCT
  • Surface transport upgrades
  • Catching up to Mumbai; longer term growth plans revealed
  • Signs MoU with Deccan Express to develop cargo hub
  • GMR shortlisted to operate St Petersburg Pulkovo Airport

Graphs and data:

  • Delhi International Airport domestic capacity share: Week commencing 18-Aug-08
  • Upcoming Indian low cost carrier terminal (LCCT)
  • Mumbai Vs Delhi airports monthly passenger numbers (millions): May-05 to May-08
  • Indian airports' passenger numbers growth: 2002-03 to 2007-08 (index 2002/03=1)
  • Delhi International Airport domestic and international cargo traffic growth (year-on-year): May-07 to May-08
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