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Delayed Winnipeg Airport terminal open at last


In what has been billed as the biggest construction project in the city’s history, the new terminal building at Winnipeg’s Richardson International Airport opened at the end of Oct-2011, a year behind schedule, owing to construction issues concerning sub-surface pipes. Now the airport, which is the only major transportation hub for the province of Manitoba, hopes to attract widebody flights from Europe. Most of the population can trace its ancestry back to Europe. [984 words]

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  • New front door for ambitious city
  • Inland port of Canada
  • Intermodal global airport city

Graphs and data:

  • Seat capacity share by carrier: 21-Nov-2011 to 27-Nov-2011
  • Seat capacity share by airline type: 21-Nov-2011 to 27-Nov-2011
  • Winnipeg Airport Authority financial highlights for three months ended 30-Sep-2011
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