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China Eastern Airlines: merger with Shanghai Airlines confirmed


China Eastern Airlines has confirmed that merger talks with local competitor Shanghai Airlines have progressed, with agreement reached on several key issues. China Eastern's Chairman, Liu Shaoyong, said the airlines have set up a joint taskforce with Shanghai Airlines to work on the proposed merger, and will present a formal report to shareholders, probably around early Jul-2009. [1127 words]

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  • Will the hoped-for synergies pull the two loss-makers back to profit?
  • Mixed messages on foreign equity and alliances
  • Fleet
  • Meanwhile, network expansion continues

Graphs and data:

  • China Eastern passenger number growth and cargo volume growth: May-08 to Apr-09
  • China Eastern international passenger number growth and domestic passenger number growth: May-08 to Apr-9
  • China Eastern international vs domestic passenger capacity growth: May-08 to Apr-09
  • China Eastern Airlines passenger load factor growth: May-08 to Apr-09
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