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China - Short and long-term traffic outlook brightens


Air travel figures in China during the ‘Olympic month’ of August were poor to say the least. Strict security and visa arrangements for the Olympics played a key role in savage reductions in passenger traffic and load factors recorded by Chinese carriers last month, as documented throughout this edition of The Monthly. The restrictions also coincided with record fuel prices (prompting higher fuel surcharges) and the lingering effects of the Sichuan earthquakes. [759 words]

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  • Demand nowhere near supply
  • Short-term outlook should improve
  • Long-term outlook stronger, ACI upgrades China outlook

Graphs and data:

  • Chinese mainland carriers' international vs domestic passenger numbers growth (% change year-on-year): Aug-07 to Jul-08
  • Chinese mainland carriers' passenger numbers growth vs cargo volume growth: Aug-07 to Jul-08
  • Mainland China: Passenger traffic growth rates by region (average annual % growth): 2007-2017 and 2007-2027
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