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Changi Airport Group reports net profit of SGD227 million in first post-corporatisation statement


Changi Airport Group (CAG) in its inaugural financial statement since corporatisation, separate from the management of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS), reports a net profit of SGD227 million on a turnover of SGD961 million in the period Jun-2009 to Mar-2010, a margin of 23.6%. There are no figures for comparable periods. The world’s 21st busiest airport continues to come under pressure from competitors increasingly located in the Middle East, especially Dubai. [1801 words]

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  • More nimble
  • Budget terminal now capable of handling seven million ppa
  • CAI extends its investment and consultancy scope
  • Dubai continues to throw down the gauntlet
  • Fight back

Graphs and data:

  • Chart 1: Changi Airport traffic growth Sep-2009 to Sep-2010
  • Chart 2: Singapore Changi Airport carrier capacity share
  • Table: Changi Airports Group initial financial highlights, Jun-2009 to Mar-2010. (All financial figures in SGD 000s)
  • Chart 3: Changi Airport passenger numbers vs Dubai Airport passenger numbers: Sep-2009 to Sep-2010
  • Chart 4: Changi Airport passenger numbers growth vs. Dubai Airport passenger numbers growth: Sep-2009 to Sep-2010
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