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Brazil's airlines Part 2: the modern, post-Varig era


Since the demise of Varig, the once-famous airline always closely associated with the magic of Brazil, the country's airline industry has thrived, as economic growth and stable government created favourable conditions. The second of a three part CAPA report on the country's airlines. [2072 words]

Unlock the following content in this report:


  • A new breed of modern airline
  • A strong growth market, with airlines to match
  • Oceanair (O6)
  • GOL (G3)
  • Independent of alliances, GOL’s partners are SkyTeam and oneworld members
  • Azul (AD)
  • TRIP Linhas Aéreas (T4)
  • TAM

Graphs and data:

  • GOL route network
  • GOL’s “market strength”
  • TRIP route network
  • Brazilian airlines' fleet in service and on order
  • Brazilian airlines' fleet delivery schedule
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